It's Never Too Late With God!
Tales of A Late-Life Journey in India

A Book By Helen Dexter    

Helen Dexter, Orissa, India

Here is the inspiring story of a woman of vision and determination who, in her late sixties, flew alone to a far-off country to become a Christian missionary.

Following a satisfying youth filled with friends, a loving family, and horseback riding in the New England countryside, Helen Dexter studied acting (at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and was briefly on Broadway) in the hectic but exciting New York of the 1940s, before settling into a fulfilling yet quiet life as wife and mother.
Suddenly widowed and with her children grown, Helen enrolled in college, only to find herself answering a long-dormant call to the mission field after graduation. At a time when others her age were preparing for retirement, Helen battled illness, stalkers, vermin, 120-degree heat, monsoon rains, and discouragement to eventually found an orphanage, women's Bible school, and medical/feeding program for lepers in one of the poorest areas of India.
Today, Helen's work continues. Her former students are bringing the Gospel to the rural villages and forgotten people of northern India.
Those who mistakenly believe God's call may have passed them by, or that it's too late to do something good for others, will find Helen's story especially encouraging. This book is a must-read for anyone of any age.


192 pages, soft cover, photographs, illustrations, and index. Published by Lion Media. Available through Lighthouse Ministries, P.O. Box 706, Concord, N. H. 03302. $14.95 per book (add $5.50 for postage and handling). Write checks payable to Lighthouse Ministries.


"Helen Dexter is a quiet-spoken paradox of fragile appearance and human dynamite...I encourage you to take a trip with Helen on the pages of this book. It is my privilege to recommend the woman behind the words." -- Mona Johnian, author,

"Helen Dexter's work is courageous and inspiring. I've long admired her efforts on behalf of the poor and suffering in India." -- Gordon J. Humphrey, U.S. Senator, N. H. (1978-1991)


"Helen Dexter Missionary to India"

A video produced and narrated by Wendy Davis



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A profile of Helen Dexter appeared in the April, 1998 issue of New Hampshire Magazine, then known as New Hampshire Edition's magazine

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