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 RIT Reporter Magazine 1968-1971

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  • Manchester Century
  • Concord Century
  • Portsmouth Century
  • Lakes Region Century
  • NH West Century
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Contributions include...

  • Home Office Computing Magazine
  • Self Employed Professional Magazine
  • Interim Editorial Page Editor, the Union Leader, Manchester, N.H.
  • Editorial and OpEd pages of the Union Leader, The Laconia Citizen, the Portsmouth Herald, and others
  • Lead Editor, N.H Magazine's New Hampshire Legacy and Destination New Hampshire series
  • Contributing Editor, New Hampshire Century Series
  • Contributing Editor, New Hampshire Magazine
  • Free-lance writer, editor, and editorial consultant.


Political Posters

Photo by Robert St. Louis

In an Eight Man Scramble...


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        Photo by Abigail Dexter


December 5, 2018: The election of the New Hampshire Secretary of State was a close win for Bill Gardner, who has held the office since 1976. On the State House second floor hallway during the voting is, from left: Adam Sexton, WMUR-TV reporter with phone camera, Dean Dexter, Orville "Bud" Fitch (behind Gardner), and Dave Scanlan.. The New Hampshire's secretary of state is a non-partisan constitutional office, elected every two years by members of both houses of the legislature, meeting in joint convention. Photo: NH Union Leader.

Page One, Laconia Daily Sun, December 26, 2018



With the "Big Guy," Bob Schieffer, CBS News. Visit to the NH Secretary of State's office, week of the NH First in the Nation Presidential Primary, 2016

An evening at the famous Locke-Ober Cafe, Boston, October 17, 2012, three nights before it closed by William Graham Bowdoin Hill.

Locke-Ober owner David Ray explains his decision to close - 10/22/2012; Locke-Ober from Wiki


Lima, Peru, On the Streets in the Capitol: Dean, Marie, Abigail Bridget, Elizabeth Helen, and Charles Aaron, Fall 1995.

Marie, Elizabeth, Abigail, Charles Dexter.

Dexter kids: Abigail, Elizabeth, Fenris Dean, Charles. November, 2012

The Lamb's Theater, now the Chatwal, 130 West 44th Street, Manhattan, July 1999

Lyzz Dexter meets former U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey and Texas Governor and Presidential Candidate Rick Perry at a barbeque at Senator and Mrs. Humphrey's home, Saturday, September 3, 2011, Chichester, NH -- Dean Dexter Photo


Lyzz Dexter, New England Masters Commission, Portsmouth, N.H. October 2007

Lyzz Dexter keeping an eye on the silver service at Bridges House, the New Hampshire Governor's official residence, April 2001.

Throwing Elizabeth Dexter, rehearsal. Seacoast (now New England) Masters Commission, 2009

Elizabeth Dexter dances "The Puppet Master," Fort Myers, FL, March 2012  Here.

Abigail Dexter and her Dad, Lake Wicwas, Meredith Center, NH

Charles Dexter manning the grill, Lake Wicwas, Meredith Center, NH, Summer 2006

Charles Dexter with then-U.S. Senator, later U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, Manchester, N.H. June 1998

The late legendary syndicated columnist Bob Novak and Dean Dexter discuss New Hampshire governor and long-time U.S. Senator Styles Bridges, who Novak knew well. Novak was in New Hampshire attending a  reception upon the publication of the Bridges biography by Dr. James J. Kiepper April 27, 2001. Novak, who wrote the foreword for the book, announced his retirement as a syndicated columnist on August 4, 2008 after being diagnosed with brain tumor. He succumbed to the illness on  August 18, 2009. R.I.P. Click here. Roland Young Photo.

U.S. Senators Bob Smith (R-NH), Phil Gramm (R-TX), and former Rep. Dean Dexter, Gilford, NH, campaign stop, NH Presidential Primary, February, 1996.


Interviewing Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan, who told an amusing Nixon story, hosting (12 years) MediaOne's "Your Government," Manchester, N.H., January 17, 1992

Dean Dexter with U.S. Senator Gordon J. Humphrey in the senator's hideaway office, U.S. Capitol building, Washington, D.C., Summer 1990.

Campaigning with a couple of the Big Dogs, Marie and Dean Dexter with Congressman, later U.S. Senator Bob Smith, left, and U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey, August 1990










Politics, politics, with Marie and former State Rep. Dennis Bolduc Fall 1990. "You can tell she hates every bit of this..."


Raising Cain on the State House steps, Concord, New Hampshire, 1990.

Executive Chambers, N.H. Statehouse, with Governor John H. Sununu, from left, State Sen. (later senate president) Edward Dupont, State Rep. Ada Mace, State Rep. Dean Dexter, State Rep. Kathleen Ward, Attorney General (later governor) Stephen Merrill: bill signing creating the N.H. Department of Justice, Concord, N.H., June 1985

Belknap County Commissioner, courthouse, Laconia, N.H., July 1976


Christmas carols at the Bosch Palace, embassy residence, with James and Graham Hill, and U.S. Ambassador Robert C. Hill, Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 1975. Dean Dexter at far left. -- Dean Dexter collection

Tribute to U.S. Ambassador Robert C. Hill, The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New Hampshire


Hill's fifth, and last Ambassadorship

Robert C. Hill of Littleton, New Hampshire, formerly Assistant Secretary of Defense, Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations, Ambassador to Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, and Spain, being sworn in as U.S. Ambassador to Argentina, with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, his wife Cecelia Gordon Bowdoin Hill, looking on. Administering the oath in the U.S. State Department formal rooms is U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Judge George Mackinnon, February, 1974. -- U.S. State Department photo, Dean Dexter collection.

U.S. Ambassador Robert C. Hill's formal study, Bosch Palace (Palacio Bosch) embassy residence, Buenos Aires, 1975. Dean Dexter Collection (all rights reserved).

Dean Dexter, second from right, flanked by Embassy security personnel and J. B. Hill (kneeling), Buenos Aires, 1975. Photo by William Graham Bowdoin Hill

Dean Dexter, center, with J. B. Hill and William Graham Bowdoin Hill, Mar Del Plata, Argentina, December 19, 1975.

Abigail Dexter, George Hill, William Graham Bowdoin Hill, Mrs. Cecelia Bowdoin (Hill) Gardner, Marie Dexter, Dean Dexter, Chevy Chase Club, Chevy Chase, Maryland, September, 2009. Staff   Photo.


President Gerald Ford and then-County Commissioner Dean Dexter, Nashua (N.H.) High School. Ford would later win the N.H. Primary, defeating Ronald Reagan by just under 1,500 votes. Ford Remembered in N.H.

  New Hampshire State House, 1980s

George H.W. Bush, with Dean Dexter and former Gov. Hugh Gregg, Laconia, N. H. June 1979.


Signed, October 9, 1964, NH State House

John W. King, D-Manchester, NH Governor, 1963-1969; Chief Justice NH Supreme Court 1981-1986


Dean Dexter and Neil Shapiro, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester New York, Winter 1970. Offices of Reporter Magazine.

With the late WOR Radio legend Jean Shepherd (1921-1999) at the microphone, WITR studios, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, November 1967. Dean Dexter seated center. "He really was an incredible personality. Everything you read about him is true. And he liked young people. It's because no matter how old he got, he was always young..." See this."  LINK

"Cherub Choir," Laconia (N.H.) Congregational Church, 1956: Front Row: Diane ("Di-Di") Graves, Ann Walker, Gail Simmons, Greg Lemay, David Enos, Penny Curtis, Heather Jones. Second Row: Lynn Buckley, Jean Halfman, Mary Jane McAllister, Emily Vincent, Alona Alcorn, Dana Beane, Dean Dexter. Third Row: Greg Pitman, Patricia Kinsman, Helen Jessup, Perry Craver, Kathy Ware. Fourth Row: Adrian ("Jay") Ley, Bradley Stevenson, Richard Ackerman, Jane Stucker, Daniel Keller. Note: Four piece outfit: black (waist to floor-length) skirt, white top (over the head), thick starched collar attached w/ safety pins, huge hand-tied bow. Rehearsals were like something out of the "Little Rascals" movies.

Getting to know Mom and Dad while celebrating my first holiday...Thanksgiving, of course!

Good old "Uncle Sam" Dexter...Congressman, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of War under John Adams.

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